“Am I ready for a new sleep set?”

You could be ready for a new sleep set if…

  • You don’t sleep well.
  • Your back aches.
  • You feel tired in the morning.
  • Your muscles hurt.
  • You feel drained and lack energy due to improper rest.
  • You and you partner have no room to move on your mattress.

And you should get a new sleep set if…

  • Your mattress is lumpy and uneven.
  • Your mattress or edges sag.
  • Your foundation appears uneven or sagging.
  • Your mattress cover is torn, stained or soiled.
  • You’re embarrassed to show your uncovered bed to your neighbours.

“Which mattress should I get?”

The basics

When it is time to invest in a new mattress, you need to have some basic understanding about a mattress and know what you can expect from it. Firstly, you should learn the terminologies which are commonly used when we describe mattress benefits. Comfort level refers to how you feel when your body is relaxing on top of the mattress. Support is the force pushing you up so you are not sinking in any further because of your body weight. Durability refers to the period of time that a mattress can maintain its level of comfort and support to a degree that is acceptable to you. All mattresses will lose their comfort and support over time. A brand new mattress is certainly more comfortable and supportive than an aged and used mattress.

* * *

There are generally two types of mattresses: conventional spring mattresses and pocket spring mattresses.

Conventional spring mattresses

In conventional spring mattresses, spring coils form the foundation to support a person’s weight. Coils are arranged to form the frame structure of the mattress. The individual coils must be linked together with helical wires so that they can stand upright. The coil structure, or the frame is completed by putting a thicker border wire on top and bottom.

As long as enough coils and reasonably thick wire is used to make the coil structure, it should give good support to the sleeper. It is common for cheap mattresses to have less coil counts as the coils are placed further apart and bigger coils are used to make the mattresses. As a result, a cheaper mattress has a higher chance of sagging.

Pocket spring mattresses

One of the key benefits of pocket spring mattress is independent support. Barrel-shaped pocket coils which are wrapped individually with a non-woven bag are glued together in the centre with a special glue. Movement on top of the structure will only affect the coils which are directly beneath. Minimal partner disturbance claimed by supplier is only valid if there are no thick and hard padding layers.

Moreover, no helical wires are used in a pocket spring mattress to secure the position of the coils. They are held together only by the strength of the glue. In summary, compared to a standard coil structure, the structure of pocket spring mattresses tends to be of lesser strength. The finished pocket spring mattresses should have a softer feel if the above principal is applied in manufacturing it.

* * *

Insulator and cushioning layers

A good spring mattress always has insulator layers so that a person who sleeps on it does not feel the coils. Rubberised coir fibre is commonly used in Malaysia as the insulator. On top of the insulator are layers of cushioning material that gives you the main comfort.

A very good cushioning material for mattresses is latex foam, which lasts for years. You may have to fork out additional for a mattress with latex cushioning, but it is value for money considering the many benefits you gain from using it. A more economical choice would be spring mattresses which use only soft sponge layers as cushioning material, which may result in the mattress sagging after a shorter period of time.