Precious gifts from mother nature.

Pure latex foam is made from the sap of rubber tree (Hevea Brasilliensis). In the production process, harvested latex is mixed with different compounding ingredients to foam and shape into different types of cushioning materials for bedding and seating.

It takes about six years for a rubber tree to grow to a point where it is economical to harvest the sap. The harvest period for latex is 9 months long. The remaining 2-3 months in the year is the dry season when the rubber tree sheds its leaves. A tree can only be tapped two to three days in a week – it takes time for the tree to repair itself. One rubber tree produces approximately 300g of latex emulsion per collection. Therefore, a rubber tapper will need to tap about 300 trees to harvest sufficient latex for the production of a single mattress – this shows how precious natural latex is.

Made of 100% pure latex

Naturally derived from rubber trees in Malaysia. No synthetic materials: chemical free, no harmful side effects.

Full body support and comfort

Conforms to natural body contours, encourages blood flow. Say goodbye to muscle ache and cramps!

Natural ventilation system

Superb air circulation, releases body heat and moisture allowing you to stay cool and comfortable.

Durable and long lasting

Minimal wear and tear, returns to original shape after use. Providing you with years of good nights’ sleep.

Resistant to bacteria and dust mites

Natural antibacterial and anti-dust mite properties. No more sleepless nights worrying about allergies.


Made from natural, renewable resources. Completely biodegradable, not harmful to the environment.

There is nothing quite like pure latex foam.

Our MyLATEX® latex foam is made of pure, natural Malaysian rubber, allowing them to have a strength and breathability unlike mattresses made of a combination of natural and synthetic materials. The latex foam has millions of tiny air cells which help provide natural ventilation. This also allows body heat and moisture to be released, thus leaving you with a comfortable environment for a good nights’ sleep.

Besides, our 100% pure latex products come without the harmful side effects that synthetic materials bring, and your body will feel the difference over time. At the same time, it is eco-friendly to buy a natural latex mattress since it is completely biodegradable, as opposed to synthetic ones.

Enjoy superior comfort and full body support.

MyLATEX® latex foam provide superior back support, conforming dynamically to the natural contours of the human body, and adapting automatically to every movement and sleeping position. This is why our latex foam encourages normal blood flow, reducing instances of muscle aches and cramps. Due to the superior comfort that it brings, you will be less likely to toss and turn, thus causing minimal ‘motion transfer’ and partner disturbance.

The result: deep, restful sleep. Every night.

Many, many nights of deep sleep.

Latex foam is known for its long lasting resiliency and exceptional durability. It does not go through wear and tear easily and is able to last for a long period of time, thus making it worthwhile to invest in a quality latex mattress. It is also highly elastic and keeps its original shape for a long time, you don’t even have to turn it around every few months!

Finally, the antibacterial and anti-dust mite properties of MyLATEX® latex mattresses makes them ideal for those suffering from allergies. You can rest assured knowing that you are sleeping in the healthiest environment, every single night.

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